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Tukua te wai kia rere Evaluation Report

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posted on 2023-09-28, 04:39 authored by Marara Rogers-Koroheke, Hone Taimona, Andrea Clark, Maria Hepi, Jeff Foote

This report sets out the findings from a community driven evaluation of how Hokianga hapū have utilised Government assistance to improve access to safe drinking water in rural communities. Since 1999 Hokianga hapū have been assisted by two Government initiatives to prompt access to safe drinking water. These were Ngā Puna Wai o Hokianga, which provided a Hokianga specific opportunity for marae, hapū and communities to upgrade existing drinking water supplies following the 1999 Hokianga floods, and the Drinking Water Assistance Programme (DWAP) intended to improve access to safe drinking water throughout New Zealand. In engaging with these initiatives, the community has striven to preserve marae, hapū and community values and tikanga practices.


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