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Supplemental Information: Fig. S1. DNA migration after single cell electrophoresis assay

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posted on 2019-08-19, 04:50 authored by Maria P. Charry, Vaughan Keesing, Mark Costello, Louis A. Tremblay
Journal article: Assessment of the ecotoxicity of urban estuarine sediment using benthic and pelagic copepod bioassays - Supplemental Information: Fig. S1

Comet assay images of copepod cell nucleoids exposed to different treatments: (a) Control, (b) UV exposure, (c) Humber Drain, (d) Old Tutaekuri Estuary site, (e) Humber Estuary site, (f) Old Tutaekuri Riverbed.


Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Callaghan Innovation R&D Student Fellowship: BMISK1401